This scandalous and seductive piece of swimwear clothing became part of a. So why did “bikini” win out over “atom” as the widely recognized synonym for this tantalizing swimsuit? A smart marketing.

When Swami Vivekananda during his visit to the western world was introduced to the actress, Sarah Bernhardt, known for her beauty and her seductive laugh. The true meaning of the language of silenc.

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The art of sensual seduction via song ain’t nothin’ like it used to be. and employs every possible euphemism or witty synonym for fucking. Maybe that last part was always a part of the genre. R. Ke.

This strange discrimination between the types of masalas in North and South India will leave you rather confused. but it is clear the South Indian Masala has now translated into a synonym for sexy.

Tolkien makes use of narratives of seduction in a number of ways: most visibly, to let his implied mythmakers establish a mythological basis for evil itself, but more subtly, also to account for a range of both evildoers and redemptive possibilities.

But when the good folks at TheGloss asked me to read and review three dime-store. The sex scenes in Slave to Seduction, the paranormal romance, were spruced up by the fact that its male protagonist.

According to his own statement the king had attempted to seduce his eldest daughter; but Robert’s account of his grievances varied from time to time. Ixion abused his pardon by trying to seduce Hera; but the goddess substituted for herself a cloud, by which he became the father of the Centaurs.

Read a cautionary tale about the seductive and dangerous power of a charlatan sociopath, featuring goats and the American Dream. The Strange, True Tale of the Old-Timey Goat Testicle-Implanting ‘Governor’

Read on for her modern take on the art of seduction! Guile 1928. In fact, wanting to marry is often a synonym for wanting to be seen about with.” Modern translation: Brand yourself marriage materia.

Twenty years ago, globalization had a certain seductive logic. Goods would be made where. Jon Jeter maintains in "Flat Broke in the Free Market" that, whatever its intentions, globalization became.

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The ever superb bike from Suzuki is a synonym for superbikes. It is a 1340cc bike which has seductive sporty looks that can make one gawk at the bike endlessly. It has unbelievable looks which can mak.

The thesaurus of synonyms and related words is fully integrated into the dictionary. Click on the thesaurus category heading under the button in an entry to see the synonyms and related words for that meaning. more

Is it twue vot zey say,” Madeline asks him seductively, “about how you people are built?

Jack and Susan are content, but as so many modern-day approaches to this era have illustrated, contentment is hardly a synonym for happiness. a streak of all-knowing omnipotence that’s at once sedu.

seductive | definition: tending to entice into a desired action or state | synonyms: alluring, enticing, corrupting, beguiling, teasing, insidious, attractive.

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Synonyms of ‘seduction’. All ENGLISH synonyms that begin with ‘S’ Source. Thesaurus for seduction from the Collins English Thesaurus. 1 2. Reported speech. Reported speech or indirect speech reports something that was said, but does not use the actual words that the speaker uttered. Lynn asked whether Pippa had been to the new shopping mall.

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Is it to be “like a snake charmer,” as in you go about fascinating snakes (by being snake-fascinating), thus you are seductive and charming. Or is inventing a synonym for startling and engaging jus.

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I am sitting on the carpeted floor in our local Barnes & Noble and looking through Ivanka Trump’s new book. man—approximately 1.75 meters high. With their seductive beauty, these images of idealize.

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Definition for Seduction: The offense of inducing a woman to consent to unlawful sexual intercourse , by enticements which overcome her scruples ; the wrong or crime of persuading a woman to surrender her chastity.

Countering violent extremism is an inaccurate synonym for counter-terrorism. inclusivity and diversity, with the seductive expectations of both cultural homogenization and cultural proliferation at.

Synonyms of seductive – sexy, sexually arousing, sexually exciting, alluring, tempting

Synonyms of ‘seductive’ Explore ‘seductive’ in the dictionary. Additional synonyms. engaging. pleasant and charming. She was a most engaging child. charming. interesting. pleasing. appealing. attractive. lovely. Thesaurus for seductive from the Collins English Thesaurus. 1 2. The dash ( – )

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Engage in a pattern for long enough, and "preference" seems like an inoffensive synonym for prerequisite. no one has ever blamed their relationship status on the seductive prowess of white women. B.

It is common in the West to assume that “conservative” is a synonym for “right-wing” but this. They look out across the vast, terrifying vista of boundless possibility and see only lions and tigers.

Senna (Universal Pictures) the first documentary feature from British director Asif Kapadia (The Warrior, Far North) remains, like the man at its center, a seductive enigma. “legendary,” that’s not.

One pro-Adams tract (akin to a superPAC TV ad) warned the people of Delaware that “if Jefferson is elected, the morals which protect our lives from the knife of the assassin, which guard the chastity.

There’s also the fact that, in espionage terms, a honeypot is a person who uses the powers of seduction to acquire covert information. Pros: Taco is well known as a slang synonym for vulva (just as.

Even the bodysuit-wearing specter of static in the video carries a double-meaning: for a perpetually hustling performer like K.Flay, becoming static (a synonym for idle in this case) is a seductive an.